Saturday, 15 October 2011

OGIO Merlot-Shiraz

Snatched from the crib, extenuating circumstances.

I ogled this honey on the shelf a couple of times, she was once knocked down to about £6 but had rocked back up to £11 the last time I investigated.  A pretty sweet ass label, it's like charcoal brown but with a full moon cut out above her name printed in a skinny sans-serif typeface; year underneath in bold.

If this were a woman in a bar, she'd probably be a lesbian.

"Wide variety of foods".  Suspicions confirmed.  Serious viniers(?) don't give a shit what food you eat it with, they're into the wine.

High hopes for this. Lawnsley left me a little empty inside.

Smells fresh, kind of like after some dude's been strimming the verge of a busy road.

Tangy and kind of chilly. Hurts my lips a bit. They're kind of chaffed. Nasty choke is still there but my tongue's too coated with papa lawnsley to take anything too seriously.

2010, 13%

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