Monday, 3 October 2011

Tesco Finest 'Nero D'Avola' Sicilia

Tesco Finest "Nero D'Avola" Sicilia. £4.99 from Tesco Express.  The second cheapest available in what's pretty much just a garage convenience store without getting involved in Blossom Hill.

It says it's got "Bright aromas of blackcurrant and cherry. Flavours of black cherry with a rich full-bodied finish." Cherries.

I don't know what kind of wine it actually is, like chardonnay or whatever.  Maybe that's the Sicilia. It's got a screw cap too, for losers or lonely people to save some for another day.  Seriously, nothing sadder than an unfinished bottle of wine.

It totally doesn't smell of cherries, blackcurrants at a push but with heady overtones of ethanol.  Pretty much like any wine.  Burns the back of my throat in a pretty unpleasant sour way and makes my wisdom teeth feel like they're retreating further into my jaw.

Going to crack on with this bitch and read some 60s racism.

And right, this is a 13.5% 2010 vintage.

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