Thursday, 3 November 2011

BERBANA D'avalos Etquete Negra

Some sweet Rioja here.  On sale in the petrol station for £6.79, down from like.. twice that.  Bargain!

Had an amazingly sharp smell, like mould, specifically fermenting piles of wood chippings (foresters, you know that shit!)

Was taking notes about this over a board game so couldn't think and write too much.  It's a sweet one though.  Had a real cork and looks classy, kind of tarted up with a silver (seriously, unless it's gold, don't bother) "International Wine Challenge" quality assurance label...

Also got that Reserva shit going on. Better have, it's 2006!

Badass. Cultivating this theory about old wines, price, and tasting like weird shit...

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