Tuesday, 3 January 2012

French Red Wine

French Red Wine!
Soft Red Wine!
Vin de France!

When I was younger I used to inflate the empty bladders of wine boxes and pretend they were balloons, since then I've had a special affinity for boxed wine.

3 litres of red wine in a box, 12%. Goes well with wine and cheese.  Where there's normally the blurb about the aspect of the vineyard this box has storage instructions, like ketchup. (Cool dark place, 6 weeks)

So, it looks pretty nice and dark, kind of purple but it might be the lighting in this room. Pretty cold.  Doesn't really smell of much, kind of like berries mixed with wet dog. Pretty bland so far.

Doesn't taste of anything either. There's like a tiny kick with the first sip then a nasty watery aftertaste. No depth of flavor, but maybe I've just forgotten what to look for. Taking lots of tiny sips and it's making me gag.  Pretty gross.

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